4002 SP/SSW B-70-16 50ft ACF Combo Door Box Car

4002 SP/SSW B-70-16 50ft ACF Combo Door Box Car
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  • Item #: FC-4002
  • Manufacturer: Cannon & Company

This Craftsman kit represents a 50’6” car built by ACF with 8 ft Youngstown Plug and Sliding Door. These were equipped with Hydra Cushion Underframes, Car Pac loaders, and a capacity of 4644 cu ft. It is appropriate for the following SP & SSW classes.

 Class B-70-16 built in 1962, Numbered SP 663000-663099, and SSW 60000-60099

The kit contains the following:

  1. 2 pcs .020 thick styrene Outer Sides with scribe detail on the outside.
  2. 2 pcs .030 thick styrene Inner Sides
  3. 2 each Intermountain 8 ftYoungstownDoors, & 8 ft Plug Doors

Modeler will need to provide suitable roof, ladders, under frame, trucks, couplers, and various sizes of Evergreen Styrene strips.

Suggested Bill of Materials that the Modeler must supply. (Some available from Cannon individually or in Kit Bundle 5002)

  • Atlas/Branchline BL100005 Non Overhanging Diagonal Panel Roof (Canno n BL-3107)or Accurail #107 (Cannon AC-3103)
  • Atlas/Branchline R3/4 Improved Dreadnaught End BL100002, includes ladders. (Cannon  BL-3105)
  • Athearn Genesis RBL under frame (Cannon AT-3101) or Moloco under frame or Intermountain 5283 under frame
  • Moloco DG-0412 PC&F Draft gear – Optional (Cannon MO-3109)
  • 33 inch wheels in a 70 ton truck
  • Kadee 158 Whisker Spring Couplers
  • Plano Cut bar P/N 12010
  • Plano P/N  128 Cross over Platform
  • Intermountain 400400-59 or 40400-09 Ladders  
  • Detail Associates placard Boards #6213
  • Archer Transfers 88016, Rivets and  88062 .015 Perfect Weld Beads
  • EvergreenStyrene
    • Misc sizes as required


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