4015 NP 5300 6&8ft Combo Door Box Car w/Waffles

4015 NP 5300 6&8ft Combo Door Box Car w/Waffles
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  • Item #: FC-4015
  • Manufacturer: Cannon & Company

 This Craftsman kit will build a model of a NP Shops built 50’ 5” Interior Length, Plate B Box Car with a 6ft Youngstown Sliding Door and a 8ft “V” bar Exterior Post Plug Door. Built in 1966 with a capacity of 4129 Cu Ft and End of car Cushioning.

Originally delivered for Northern Pacific in NP Dark Green numbered 5300-5699, and after the BN Merger were repainted in Cascade Green and numbered 315300-315699. These cars have a notched side sill and a unique horizontal waffle between the vertical exterior ribs and Pullman Standard Bow Tie Overhanging roof.

This kit contains the following:

  1. 2 pcs .015 thick Outer Sides (with scribe detail).
  2. 2 pcs .010 thick Horizontal & Vertical Rib Section
  3. 2 pcs .010 thick Vertical Rib Section
  4. 2 pcs .020 thick Inner Sides (with gluing holes)
  5. Detail Sheet with Door Hardware
  6. 2 pcs Kadee 6ftYoungstownDoor

Additional Information and photos are available at: http://www.pbase.com/dh30973/cannon4015

 Suggested Bill of Materials that the Modeler must supply. (Some available from Cannon individually or included in Kit Bundle 5015)

  • Genesis PS Bowtie panel Roof (Cannon AT-3110)
  • Accurail 120 50 ft Floor (Cannon AC-3104)
  • Atlas/Branchline R3/4 Improved Dreadnaught End BL100002, includes ladders (Cannon AT-3105)
  • 33 inch wheels in a 70 Ton Truck
  • Kadee 158 Whisker Spring Couplers
  • Plano Cut bar P/N  12001
  • Plano P/N  128 Cross over Platform
  • Detail Associates 1108 GE Lift Rings
  • Detail Associates Brass Wire
  • Stirrup Steps  Brass bent to shape
  • Detail Associated Placard Boards #6213
  • Tichy 3062 Ladder Rungs
  • Evergreen Styrene
    • Misc sizes as required
  • Plastruct Styrene .010x.010 (upper Door Track)

        Decals The NP Society has created a  set of decals specifically designed for 4015/5015 and 4020/5020. This set will do two of each car. They are available either from the Society or Cannon as set DE-6005. See the decal section to order these.



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