4020 NP 3764 6&8ft Combo Door Box Car

4020 NP 3764 6&8ft Combo Door Box Car
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  • Item #: FC-4020
  • Manufacturer: Cannon & Company

 This Craftsman kit will build a models of a NP built (Brainard Shops) 50’ 6” Interior Length, Plate B Box Car with 6ftYoungstown Sliding Door, and a 8ft Plug Door with a PS Bow Tie Roof.  Built in two orders. NP3764-3999 (BN240300-240567 were built in 1963 with a capacity of 5094 cu ft. and NP5000-5299 (BN315000-315299) were built in 1964-65 with a capacity of 5117 cu ft. There are slight differences between the orders that can be accommodated as the kit is built. The NP5000 series has two horizontal rivet strips on the Auxiliary Plug Door and three waffle like protrusions. Two low ones, one to the left of the door, and one in the sixth space from the left end and one high one at the A end of the car.

This kit contains the following:

  1. 2 pcs .015 thick Outer Sides (with scribe detail).
  2. 2 pcs .020 thick Rib Section
  3. 2 pcs .005 thick Hat Section
  4. 2 pcs .020 thick Inner Sides (with gluing holes)
  5. 2 pcs Kadee 6 ft Youngstown Door

Suggested Bill of Materials that the Modeler must supply. (Some parts are available individually from Cannon or included in Kit Bundle 5020)

  • Genesis Pullman Standard Bowtie Roof (Cannon AT-3110)
  • Accurail #120  50 ft Underframe (Cannon AC-3104)
  • Atlas/Branchline R3/4 Improved Dreadnaught End BL100002, includes ladders (Cannon AT-3105)
  • ASF 70 Ton Barber S-2 Truck with 33 inch wheels
  • Kadee 158 Whisker Spring Couplers
  • Plano Cut bar P/N  12001
  • Plano P/N  128 Cross over Platform
  • Detail Associates Brass Wire
  • Detail Associates Stirrup Steps # 6416
  • Tichy #3062 Grab Irons
  • Evergreen Styrene
    • Misc sizes as required
  • Plastruct .010 x .010 Styrene

   Decals The NP Society has created a  set of decals specifically designed for 4015/5015 and 4020/5020. This set will do two of each car. They are available either from the Society or Cannon as set DE-6005. See the decal section to order these.



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