6005 NP Decals for 4015/5015 & 4020/5020

6005 NP Decals for 4015/5015 & 4020/5020
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  • Item #: DE-6005
  • Manufacturer: NPRHA - Microscale

Decal set produced by the NPRHA specifically for Cannon 4015/5015 & 4020/5020. Two Sheets. Enough to do two of each car.

 This decal offering presents ALL the lettering and artwork an HO modeler would need to fully decal four Cannon & Company boxcars (designed for kits FC-4015 NP 5300-5699  50' combo-door boxcar AND FC-4020 NP 3764-3999 & NP 5000-5299 Combo-door boxcar). The decals are appropriate for these cars that operated in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Reweigh dates cover 1964 to 1981. The decals were painstaking researched and reproduced with artwork developed by Rick Leach, with additional car-specific artwork by Dean ONeill. The packaging includes guidance on how to apply the water slide decals, which were printed by Microscale. Check the Modeling section of the NPRHA website for an NP Modeling Article on where to place the various decal sheet elements. The PDF also includes prototype photos.

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