4039 ACF Waffle Side Box Car w/ 10ft Plug Door

4039 ACF Waffle Side Box Car w/ 10ft Plug Door
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  • Item #: FC-4039
  • Manufacturer: Cannon & Company

This Craftsman kit will build a model of a ACF 50’ 6” Interior Length, Exterior Post Plate C Box Car with Waffles and 10 ft Exterior Post Youngstown Door, and a capacity of 5294 Cu Ft. Built in 1973 for several railroads.

Seaboard Coast Line as SCL 24350-24849 ACF Lot 11-06811 5-6/73. To SBD 136996-137473, To CSXT 136996-137473. 10/88 Known Paint Date. No End of Car Cushioning. Class X-5-E

Louisville & Nashville as L&N 102100-102199 ACF Lot 11-06813 11/73. To L&N 112300-112301 (two cars). To SBD 136310-136408. To CSXT 136310-136408. (11/88, 6/90, 5/97 Known paint dates). With ACF Freight Saver   E-1511 EOCC

Clinchfield as CRR 7200-7224 ACF Lot 11-06813 11/73. To SBD 136060-136084.  To CSXT 136060-136084. With ACF Freight Saver   E-1511 EOCC

Modeler will need to provide suitable roof, ladders, under frame, trucks  couplers  and various sizes of Evergreen Styrene strips

Suggested Bill of Materials that the Modeler must supply. Parts marked with # are included in Bundle B-5039

  • MOLOCO RF 0801 Stanray Diagonal panel Roof (Cannon MO-3108)#
  • MOLOCO DG-0408 ACF Draft gear (Cannon MO-3111) #
  • Atlas/Branchline R3/4 Improved Dreadnaught End BL100002, includes ladders (Cannon AT-3105) #
  • Accurail 120 50 ft Floor (Cannon AC-3104)#
  • ASF 70 Ton Barber S-2 Truck with 33 inch wheels
  • Kadee 158 Whisker Spring Couplers
  • Plano Cut bar P/N  12007
  • Plano P/N  128 Apex Cross over Platform
  • Detail Associates Brass Wire
  • A Line Stirrup Steps 29002
  • Plastruct Styrene .010x.010 (upper Door Track)
  • Evergreen Styrene
    • Misc other sizes as required

Decals: Microscale

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