5039 Kit Bundle for ACF Waffle Side Box Car w/ 10ft Plug Door

5039 Kit Bundle for  ACF Waffle Side Box Car w/ 10ft Plug Door
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  • Item #: B-5039
  • Manufacturer: Cannon & Company

This Craftsman kit will build a model of a ACF 50’ 6” Interior Length, Exterior Post Plate C Box Car with Waffles and 10 ft Exterior Post Youngstown Door, and a capacity of 5294 Cu Ft. Built in 1973 for several railroads.

Seaboard Coast Line as SCL 24350-24849 ACF Lot 11-06811 5-6/73. To SBD 136996-137473, To CSXT 136996-137473. 10/88 Known Paint Date. No End of Car Cushioning. Class X-5-E

Louisville & Nashville as L&N 102100-102199 ACF Lot 11-06813 11/73. To L&N 112300-112301 (two cars). To SBD 136310-136408. To CSXT 136310-136408. (11/88, 6/90, 5/97 Known paint dates). With ACF Freight Saver   E-1511 EOCC

Clinchfield as CRR 7200-7224 ACF Lot 11-06813 11/73. To SBD 136060-136084.  To CSXT 136060-136084. With ACF Freight Saver   E-1511 EOCC

Modeler will need to provide suitable roof, ladders, under frame, trucks  couplers  and various sizes of Evergreen Styrene strips

Parts marked with # are included in Bundle B-5039

  • Cannon Kit FC-4039
  • MOLOCO RF 0801 Stanray Diagonal panel Roof (Cannon MO-3108)#
  • MOLOCO DG-0408 ACF Draft gear (Cannon MO-3111) #
  • Atlas/Branchline R3/4 Improved Dreadnaught End BL100002, includes ladders (Cannon AT-3105) #
  • Accurail 120 50 ft Floor (Cannon AC-3104)#

Suggested Bill of Materials that the Modeler must supply.

  • ASF 70 Ton Barber S-2 Truck with 33 inch wheels
  • Kadee 158 Whisker Spring Couplers
  • Plano Cut bar P/N  12007
  • Plano P/N  128 Apex Cross over Platform
  • Detail Associates Brass Wire
  • A Line Stirrup Steps 29002
  • Plastruct Styrene .010x.010 (upper Door Track)
  • Evergreen Styrene
    • Misc other sizes as required

Decals: Microscale

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